1. Our feet are magical, yet highly taken for granted, structures attached to our bodies that allow us to trek across the globe! So naturally, my number one item would be a wonderful pair of walking shoes that can also take me for a jog or to the gym. AKA my Nikes.
  2. My second item, you ask? A romper. while there is the downside of airplane bathrooms and maneuvering out of it in a small space, it’s also a single, light, functional, often cute and chic, most importantly COMFORTABLE item of clothing! What could be better?!
  3. Number three would have to be my sunglasses. For both aesthetic appeal and eye health, they make for the perfect accessory.
  4. Following my trusted sunglasses would be my stylish yet practical travel pack. Light, easily compact-able, yet capable of carrying my entire life inside.
  5. Couldn’t go anywhere without my iPhone. Because, music. Also my only contact with the outside world. And Instagram.
  6. Headphones make life discrete when it needs to be, and block out that which we don’t need to take in (aka screaming babies and loud snoring). Gotta love my AirPods.
  7. This item becomes quite handy not just on a long or red-eye flight but while trying to sleep on airport floors, long car rides, trains or buses. Thankful for my memory foam neck pillow!
  8. I am a writer. In fact, we all are writing our stories every day. Those magic moments we want to lock into our memories forever, or be able to come back to over and over again, forever reminded of its essence. A notebook is capable of holding just that. Anyone got a pen?
  9. My camera. Because sometimes I want a visual image of what I have experienced. In high res.
  10. My iPad: I love downloading books and movies before a trip, knowing I dare not suffer from excruciating boredom whilst crossing the Pacific. And for those rainy days in the cute bed and breakfast with no TV, my iPad’s got me covered.